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Vacation 2018 Rocky Mountains

Mette Bendixen

Since we just moved to the US in Spring this year, we thought why not spend our summer vacation in the area and get to know the “local” mountains better. We live in Boulder, Colorado which has mountains in its backyard - For this vacation we wanted to go a bit further away into the Rockies…. 

So, we decided to do some car camping just North of Rocky Mountain National Park. With a four-year old, we need to plan for great places to cool off during the day - preferably also with space enough for a good soccer match too. We did a rather thorough job in finding some great places beforehand, where we could do ‘dispersed camping’, meaning we could camp there without booking a site in advance and instead just camp whereever we wanted without getting in trouble with the rangers.

We spent one night close to the tree-line south of Red Feather Lake, followed by a night at The Lost Lake - where we also celebrated my son Billes fourth birthday. Presents, flowers and sweets for breakfast made up a good start to his day! Our final night in tent was spent at a beautiful place with a river running by and we had the pleasure of being woken up by a moose grazing outside our tent!!

I keep being amazed by the similarities parts of the landscape has with North-East Greenland, once you get up high enough - though the flora and fauna here in The Rockies is much much more diverse and green. My son knows I work in Greenland, and since he hasn't been yet, it's nice to show him a landscape that in many ways resembles Greenland. I’m planning on bringing him with me for next field season in Greenland.