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Denmark’s exemplary gender balance trips up in science

Mette Bendixen, Claire Meehan, Vanessa Jane Hall & Ida Vogel

Nature 572, 178 (2019)

Read it HERE

Time is running out for sand

Mette Bendixen, Jim Best, Chris Hackney & Lars Lønsmann Iversen

Nature 571, 29-31.

Read it HERE

One Couple, two cities: How to handle an international career move

Mette Bendixen & Lars Lønsmann Iversen

Nature 550, 101-104

Read it HERE

Promises and Perils of Sand exploitation in Greenland

Mette Bendixen, Irina Overeem, Minik Rosing, Anders Anker Bjørk, Kurt H. Kjaer, Aart Kroon, Gavin Zeitz & Lars Lønsmann Iversen

Nature Sustainability, 2, 98-104.

Read it HERE


Funding agencies can prevent harassment

Lars Lønsmann Iversen & Mette Bendixen

Science, 361, pp. 140

Read it HERE


Greenland: Build an economy on sand

Mette Bendixen, Lars Lønsmann Iversen, Irina Overeem

Science, 358, 879-879

Read it HERE


Delta progradation in Greenland driven by increasing glacial mass loss

Mette Bendixen, Lars Lønsmann Iversen, Anders Anker Bjørk, Bo Elberling, Andreas Westergaard-Nielsen, Irina Overeem, Katy R Barnhart, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Jason E Box, Jakob Abermann, Kirsty Langley, Aart Kroon

Nature 550, 101-104

Read it HERE

 Deltas, freshwater discharge, and waves along the Young Sound, NE Greenland

Aart Kroon, Jakob Abermann, Mette Bendixen, Magnus Lund, Charlotte Sigsgaard, Kirstine Skov, Birger Ulf Hansen

Ambio 46 (1), 132-145

Read it HERE


Sea-level proxies in Holocene raised beach ridge deposits (Greenland) revealed by ground-penetrating radar

Lars Nielsen, Mette Bendixen, Aart Kroon, Mikkel Ulfeldt Hede, Lars B Clemmensen, Ronny Weβling, Bo Elberling

Scientific Reports, 7: 46460. 

Read it HERE


Conceptualizing delta forms and processes in Arctic coastal environments

Mette Bendixen, Aart Kroon

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Volume 42, Issue 8, 1227–1237

Read it HERE



Morphological records of storm floods exemplified by the impact of the 1872 Baltic storm on a sandy spit system in south‐eastern Denmark

Lars B Clemmensen, Mette Bendixen, Mikkel U Hede, Aart Kroon, Lars Nielsen, Andrew S Murray

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Volume 39, Issue 4, 499–508

Read it HERE



Sandy berm and beach-ridge formation in relation to extreme sea-levels: A Danish example in a micro-tidal environment

Mette Bendixen, Lars B Clemmensen, Aart Kroon

Marine Geology Volume 344, 53-64

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Joint interpretation of beach-ridge architecture and coastal topography show the validity of sea-level markers observed in ground-penetrating radar data

Mikkel U Hede, Mette Bendixen, Lars B Clemmensen, Aart Kroon, Lars Nielsen

The Holocene Volume 23, Issue 9, 1238-1246

Read it HERE



Morphology and sedimentary architecture of a beach‐ridge system (Anholt, the Kattegat sea): a record of punctuated coastal progradation and sea‐level change over the past∼ 1000 years

Lars B Clemmensen, Lars Nielsen, Mette Bendixen, Andrew Murray

Boreas Volume 41, Issue 3, 422-434

Read it HERE



Coastal evolution of a cuspate foreland (Flakket, Anholt, Denmark) between 2006-2010

Lars B Clemmensen, Mette Bendixen, Lars Nielsen, Sabrina Jensen, Louise Schrøder

Bulletin of Geological Society of Denmark. Vol. 59, p. 37-42.

Read it HERE