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Dagbladet Information, ‘Sand er blevet mange penge værd. Så mange at nogle vil slå ihjel for det’.

Interview (in Danish) with Mads Thorup Thomsen

Late Night Live, ABC Radio Nation (Australia)

Interview with Phillip Adams

Nature Podcast

Interview with Adam Levy

New York Times “Melting Greenland is awash in Sand”

Feature article by Henry Fountain and Ben C. Solomon

Der Spiegel “Grönland könnte reich werden - durch Sand”

Interview (in German) - written by Christoph Seidler

EOS - Earth and space science news “Sand from Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet Could Bring in Business”

Interview - written by Jenessa Duncombe

Reuters “As ice melts, Geenland could become big and exporter”

Interview - written by Alistair Doyle

Popular Science “Greenland’s melting glaciers are unearthing a hidden economic goldmine”

Interview - written by Ula Crobak

EARTHER, Gizmodo “Greenland’s melt will drive up sea levels… But also give us sand”

Interview - written by Yessenia Funes

Berlingske Tidende (Danish newspaper) “Danske forskere: Grønland kan sælge sand til Sahara” - “Danish scientists: Greenland can sell sand to Sahara”

Interview - written by Lars Henrik Aagaard

Weekendavisen (Danish newspaper) “Sand for milliarder” - “Sand for billions”

Interview written by Kristoffer Lottrup

Eye-on-the-Arctic, Radio Canada International “Climate change could unleash Greenland sand bonanza, says researchers”

Radio interview by Eilis Quinn'

Vetenskapsradion, Sveriges Radio “Forskare: Grönland möjlig klimavinnare”

Radio interview by Gustaf Klarin


Science “Funding agencies can prevent harassment”

Comment by Lars Lønsmann Iversen and myself.


AGU TV 2017 - Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Mangement “Past, Present and future climate change” University of Copenhagen

The Independent “Sand mafias and vanishing islands: How the world is dealing with the global sand shortage”

Interview - Written by Joss Gabbatiss

Scientific American “Greenland’s Coasts are Growing as Seas Rise”

Interview - Written by Chelsea Harvey

Washington Post “Scientists mapping Greenland have produced some surprising – and worrying – results”

Article - Written by Chris Mooney

Politiken (Danish newspaper) “Se den utrolige forvandling: Fotografier fra Anden Verdenskrig afslører, at Grønland vokser” - “Watch the amazing transformation: Photos from World War II reveal a growing Greenland”

Interview - Written by Lasse Foghsgaard

Polarfronten (Danish popular scientific magazine) “Fra høvl til hav” - “From planer to sea”

Interview - Written by Uffe Wilken

Aktuel Naturvidenskab (Danish popular scientific magazine) “Grønlands deltaer - vokser når klimaet bliver varmere” - “The deltas of Greenland - grow when climate is warming”

Article - Written by Mette Bendixen & Lars Lønsmann Iversen (Danish webpage on scientific news) “Paradoksalt: Grønland vokser i takt med global opvarmning” - “A Paradox: Greenland is growing as climate is warming”

Article - Written by ele & ipb


Teaching - Open Public University of Denmark “Polar research expeditions”


Geografisk Orientering (Danish popular scientific magazine) “Den sårbare kyst” - “The Vulnerable coast”

Article - Written by Mette Bendixen, Bo Elberling, Aart Kroon





Chris Mooney, a science and environment reporter from The Washignton Post wrote this article about two studies, which have mapped the effect of climate change on Greenland - one of these is our paper - Read it HERE.

In the WP article, my colleague from INSTAAR (Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research) Dr. Irina Overeem put it very nicely when saying “It’s like a fire hose with slurry, and it’s been turned on way faster now, because there’s so much more meltwater”. Our study shows, that indeed, all this meltwater causes delta expansion, also termed 'progradation'. The deltas are growing significantly as the temperatures are rising in more recent times.

The second study is led by Mathieu Morlighem and published in Geophysical Research Letters. It uses data from NASA's OMG mission ('Ocens Melting Greenland) - gotta love that acronym! - to conclude that the Greenland Icesheet is far more exposed to the planet's warming oceans than previously known.

Follow Chris Mooney on Twitter @chrismooney

underground channel_2.jpg


I'm really happy about this video that was made by Underground Channel to promote our work on the Nature paper.

Frederik Wolf Teglhus from Underground Channel did this video. Check out their beautiful videos on geo-related research




In June, I had the great pleasure to take part in a panel discussion on climate change and adaptation.

Together with the Dean of Research at the Danish Technical University Prof. Katrine Krogh Andersen, Asst. Prof. at Niels Bohr Institute Peter Ditlevsen and Prof. Peter Birch Sørensen from the Economics Department at University of Copenhagen, we discussed the implications of adapting our society to a changing climate.

'Folkemødet' means 'Public Meeting' and aims at bringing politicians, reearchers, stakeholders etc closer to the public. Houndreds of events were programmed during the four day meeting alongside with great food, alcohol and sun on the beautiful island of Bornholm.

I'll gladly take part in this in the future!